Lampung Black Pepper

Lampung is a province of Indonesia, located on the southern tip of the island of Sumatra and borders the provinces of Bengkulu and South Sumatra. Its capital is Bandar Lampung, and it’s rich of many original commodities. One of the most renowned potential in Lampung is pepper.

Lampong black pepper has been well known since 16th century. Many people from the colonies, traders, and even the royals searched this commodity as one of valuable spices originated from Nusantara. Lampung, which was under the power of Banten empire on that time had pepper as the main commodity to be sold. As the consequences, Lampung took place as the center of pepper commerce in the world. From the history, Lampung declares pepper as a traditional potential plant and makes the figure as the symbol of Lampung Province- together with paddy which is also the main natural resources Lampung has produced.

If we focus on the real condition today, Lampung has 63.700 Ha area planted with pepper: 7.240 Ha hasn’t yield up, 47.519 Ha is productive, and 8.941 Ha planted with damaged or old pepper. Lampung has produced 23.239 ton of pepper, with its productivity 466 kg/Ha. If we compare to other country in South East Asia- for example Vietnam with its pepper productivity 2.000 kg/Ha, there’s no other miserable word to say that we have been left aside from our glorious era of having pepper as our main commodity. We are out to make pepper striving in the world spices trading, although we have its capability to make it- compare to the history. Amid the free trade, pepper can’t be the original commodity we are proud of because the lack of management of the resources. The viability of Indonesian pepper now is going to be decreased and this is what I want to show you so everybody will be realized of the condition and we can stand together fix the problem.

The preference of Lampung society to plant pepper has decreased for many years.  For a long time, West Lampung, South Lampung, North Lampung, East Lampung, Way Kanan, Tanggamus, and Middle Lampung regions have been the potential places to plant pepper. But now, the cultivation of pepper is not really popular, also with the rejuvenation of its plant. From three years past, the area of pepper plantation in the North Lampung has decreased about 7%; in 2009 the pepper land area is 25.832 Ha, in 2010 became 24.521 Ha, until in 2011 it became 24.124 Ha. This reduction is generally caused by the changeover of the land use and the disease of the plant. The citizen has no interest to plant pepper because the price of pepper that once had significantly reduced and it’s difficult to treat the plant patiently. Pepper is vulnerable to plant because generally it’s easy to have disease such as rod mushroom disease that causes white look on the pepper plant and make it withered.

Another factor that causes the reduction of planting pepper in Lampung is that the wage of pepper farmer which is lower than other farmers. Their income is about Rp 4 million/Ha/year, or Rp 333.000/Ha/month. Commonly we can infer that the farmers are not able to fulfill their daily needs by only depending on farming pepper. So, difficulties of treating and fertilizing pepper and the earning by planting pepper are not appropriate one to another; it officially makes they changed the type of plant to harvest in Lampung.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t make this pepper has it glorious era like we had before. It’s impossible for us to help them and to make Lampung Black Pepper has its name in international spice trade again. We can make rejuvenation, intensification, and extensification of planting pepper. It’s also important to make a pepper culture preserve in the concept of agribusiness. We can make a pepper tourism place so the plantation of pepper can be increased in the fun and educative way. We can also make a persuasive to the citizen so they aware of the potential of pepper, especially Lampung Black Pepper that has been a worldwide known. We can also educate the farmers of how they can cure the pepper disease and to treat the plant well. Socialization of planting pepper is likely to be crucial because of its need. We also have to re-expose Lampung Black Pepper, from inside the citizen that we have to persuade and also the outside which is the international subjects to know the greatness of Lampung Black Pepper. Even now, Papa Ron’s pizza has its menu of Lampung Black Pepper pizza. What are we waiting for to also help the government loving this pepper? We do have to start it now!

The way of agriculture stands in the youth’s thoughts

at nov 25, 2012 I officially became a member of IAAS IOP 20. but you know what, actually there are 3 types of member in IAAS, which are a young member, normal member, and honor member. young member is a student who has registered to be a member of IAAS and has followed the IOP which is made by LC. normal member is the young member who has followed BOS I which is made by the LC. honor member is a person who is meritorious contributed for a better IAAS, which is officially agreed in National Congress of IAAS.

So maybe you don’t know about so many terms I’ve written above like IAAS, IOP, LC, BOS, National Congress. So here want to explain about it.

IAAS (, or International Association of students in Agricultural and related Sciences is an international, non-profit organization student society headquartered in Leuven, Belgium. It was founded in 1957 in Tunis by 8 countries. IAAS is at the moment one of the world’s biggest student organizations and one of the leading agricultural student associations. IAAS gathers students studying, majoring or researching in agriculture and related areas like environmental sciences, forestry, food sciences, landscape architecture etc. Its committees are now spread in universities in over 40 countries worldwide.

IAAS is a place where agricultural students from all over the world meet each other, experience new mentalities and cultures, travel and see new places and learn about all aspects of agriculture together with their future colleagues.
The aims of IAAS are to promote the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas among students, and to improve the mutual understanding between countries and cultures.

IAAS also has its LC in Indonesia. LC or Local Committee is like a branch of IAAS, so about 40 countries in the world have LCs which have so many members and regularly gather to discuss and make events for a better agriculture in the world.

One of LC in IAAS Indonesia is IAAS LC IPB ( IPB or Bogor Agricultural University ( is the biggest university focusing on agriculture and related sciences in Indonesia. Here in IPB I’ve studied since 2011, majoring food science and technology. Now in 2012  I join IAAS with aims to be a person concerning in agriculture in the world, have a right to shout about agriculture as a delegation of Indonesia, and to bring the agriculture solution to the government so I become one of the pioneer to make a better agriculture in Indonesia.

Then, what is IOP? IOP or IAAS Orientation Program is some kinds of an orientation program that is obligate for a student to join so he/she can be a member of IAAS officially. In IOP the candidate members learn about agriculture, teamwork, leadership, and worldwide thinking in a grass-root concept. So that’s why we have a tagline “Think Globally Act Locally”. I’m a member of IOP 20 because this is the year 20 of IAAS LC IPB has been exist in Indonesia. IAAS LC IPB establised in 2012 in National Congress, and it has been developed so far and really progressive. National Congress (Natcon) is a deliberation of the members of IAAS Indonesia, so the delegation of the LC in Indonesia assembles and discuss about the better IAAS world and Indonesia. Natcon has its highest authority of IAAS Indonesia and annually be held in different places every year, based on the the place of LC which is the host of its event.

Then the last is about BOS. BOS or Building on Success is also an obligate event to follow, because it’s important for the regeneration of IAAS. There are 2 kinds of BOS: BOS I and BOS II. BOS I is a ticket to become a normal member, than BOS II is the further regeneration program of IAAS member which will be also held with the held of Natcon. I’ve come to the BOS I on Nov 28, 29. It’s kinda an interesting and useful event. In this BOS I, the executive members explained about the divisions of IAAS that the young members can choose as their division later. BOS I also had cool speakers that explain about leadership and attitude, from the delegation of IAAS Indonesia, seniors of  IAAS LC IPB, even from the delegation of university directors also come to this event and gives a lesson about softskill. It’s a precious thing to have.

So this is me as a normal member of IAAS IOP 20. This is m big dream to participate and give my vision about agriculture here, so everybody in the world can hear my thoughts and together make a solutions for a better agriculture in the world, not only to stop hunger, but also to raise the farmers’ welfare, to keep the environment sustainability and to make all of the things in a proper way.

Youth Agrotechnopreneurship Competition



YAC 2012

Student Excecutive Board of Agricultural Technology Faculty, Bogor Agricultural University Proudly Presents YAC (Youth Agrotechnopreneurship Competition) 2012, a business plan competition with millions grand prize!
more info:

Guidelines for the green univ students

Is that Food Science the best major for you? The answer is fully in your hands. Maybe you don’t know what you will be in the time after graduating. Or maybe you’re now wondering about a job you want to get after having the Food Science degree. But here that I want to tell, based on the book “Careers in Food Science, from Undergraduate to Professional” by Richard W. Hartel and Christina P. Klawitter, do not focus exclusively on securing a particular job, but rather consider the types of work you might enjoy. You are well served to consider your career as a dynamic and evolving process that will unfold across your lifespan.
So what type which describe you best? Of course, you have to know yourself well, you have to understand what your skills are. Have you ever heard about SWOT? This guideline really helps you to examine yourself, you have to conduct a SWOT analysis of your personal career. SWOT refers to analysis of one’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This is the example SWOT table from the “Careers in Food Science, from Undergraduate to Professional” book:

So what do you get after making the analysis? Don’t forget to be honest to yourself in filling the table. Have a bright future in food science and technology field!



Hartel, Richard W. and Christina P. Klawitter. 2008. Careers in Food Science from Undergraduate to Professional. New York: Springer.

When Sayfestville had Colbie as a gueststar

April 14, 2012 LA Lights presented a festival called Sayfestville. It was such a cool fest- given not in a formal way like many common concert, but casually made in an enjoyable atmosphere. After the open gate, there was a place called walk art. Many posters of Sayfestville trough the street so everybody could have a picture with the posters as the background.

the photobooth

longway poster

Then in the center of the walk art, there was 2 boards which used to held a grafitti competition. A cool concept came from Sayfestville crews.

Grafitti Contest

Then if i walked straight through the street, there was a wide projector to watch films. Everybody sat on the synthetic grass, surrounded with melancholic glowing lights. What a relaxing condition in a busy town.

modern layar tancep HAHA

And when i looked into the stage in front of the projector, joko anwar and sheila timothy were sitting there to review the new film released: modus anomali. It is such an interesting thriller artistic movie directed by the famous  joko anwar, recommended to watch!

Modus Anomali Review

Then i had a stroll with my sist, we were so curious about people gathered in a groups like they were looking at something. Guess then, colbie caillat had come and had a press conference there. I stood just about 3 meters in front of her. Finally i could see her obviously!

Press Conference

After the press conference finished, we were going to the main stage at the pool area of Senayan. There were indra aziz came to the stage. What a good performance from indra aziz; when jazz meet techno and up to par skill of beatboxing- it was such an art of jazz music.

Indra Aziz

Sitting near the pool, waiting more than an hour to see colbie’s performance, and finally, colbie caillat showed herself with her band. She looked simply easy stunning with the white beach sleeves and sang many songs. At press conference, she said that the most embarrassing moment of her was when she forgot the lyrics of midnight bottle song, then she just could follow the music and didn’t sing. Fyi colbie you also had a little bit error in singing falling for you song. Hmm you’ve better to remember all the lyrics in the next gigs honey.


Colbie with Jason

And in the live performance, Jason was also singing with Colbie. Apparently Jason has a nice voice, as the same as his voice in the Colbie’s album. You have the consistency dude!